So what's new about this book, compared with Deathly Hallows?

Well...pretty much everything. Here's what I kept:

  • A few plot details, both minor and major. Mostly character-related stuff. But only a very few of these--namely, the ones that were set up in books 1-6.
  • Certain locations being crucial. Minor Spoiler Alert: Hogwarts is still important.
  • The date of the Epilogue has not changed. September 1st, 2017. Same day as the release of this book. Huh. Odd.
  • "Always."

So what's different?

  • Everything else. Like, everything. Throw the details of book seven from your mind before you read this one, it draws on the first six books for inspiration and nothing else. The only reason that one quote stuck around was because it fit the story.