Q: Aren't you afraid J.K. Rowling won't like this?

A: Er, sort of. I'm hoping she sees this more as an homage than anything else. I'm such a huge fan of the series, and my only goal is to honor the first six books with an ending that I see as more fitting to the series as a whole.

Q: But can't she sue you? She'd end up owning you, everything you've ever owned, and probably half the people you've ever met.

A: Again, hoping she won't! But there have been so many other takes on the series, ranging from fan fiction, to parodies, to How It Should Have Endeds, to Puppet Pals...I'm betting she won't end up suing me. Not like I'll make any money from this anyway, I'm just putting it online. Sure, someday I hope to publish this for real, but that would only be with her express permission and with proceeds going to charity.

Q: Why isn't there any artwork at the start of each chapter? Or cover art of some kind?

A: Short answer: I don't have the funds to hire an artist! Longer answer: I stopped trying to find one, and have decided to rely on the infinite resource of the Internet to find talented artists willing to contribute to this. I plan on releasing a fully realized version of this, complete with artwork on the cover and at the start of each chapter, once I've got it. Anyone who contributes will absolutely be credited!

Q: OK, so now the book has been released in full. Why read it?

A: Lots of reasons! Maybe you weren't quite satisfied with the ending we got, maybe you just want to re-enter the world Rowling gave us. I wrote the book completely in her style...or at least her edited-for-US-release style, I only have one book from England, so the spellings and mannerisms are definitely more American-English.

Q: How in-depth series-wise is this? Will someone who hasn't read the previous six books be able to follow it?

A: *maniacal laughter in the distance*

Q: OK, how about someone who's only seen the movies?

A: *slightly muffled maniacal laughter*

Q: So it's pretty specific to the books.

A: Yes. Certainly you can enjoy it if you've read the series only once before. But the better you know books 1-6, the more you'll get out of this one. I went pretty deep with the details. Maybe someday I'll release a companion guide explaining it all.

Q: OK, story details. Does Harry still beat Voldemort?

A: Spoilers, dude!

Q: Well do all the same people die?

A: Nope. Some still do, others don't, some die who didn't. Overall the book is actually more death-heavy than Deathly Hallows was, but the deaths are more spread out, and maybe not as many main characters die. You'll have to read it to find out who makes it through this time, but let it be known that whether each character ultimately survived came down to that individual character's strengths and weaknesses, and their circumstances.

Q: So you won't reveal anything? C'mon, give us a tease!

A: Fine, fine, twist my arm why don't ya? I can offer you one character who dies, and one who lives.

Q: You'd better not say some random characters no one remembers.

A: Wait, do you not remember Avery? Cause he dies.

Q: Isn't he...

A: One of the Death Eaters. Kind of a constant screw-up. Still pretty high up in the ranks though.

Q: I...don't really care about him. Who lives?

A: Hedwig.

Q: Oh. Well. That's good.

A: Yep!

Q: Is that enough questions to make people interested in reading this?

A: Um, probably. Wait, aren't you supposed to be the skeptical one who isn't on my side?

Q: No, I'm just trying to get relevant information across. Say, how would someone contact you? Say, like with artwork they'd like to submit? Or to just yell at you?

A: hpb7writer@gmail.com

A: Wait, you think people are going to be yelling at me? Oh, right, this is the internet. Oh well, I'll happily take all comments! And ignore the bad ones.